Thursday, January 5, 2012

Managing Monotony

It's remarkable how lonely unemployment is. My mom and grandma left about two hours ago, and already I feel depressed and isolated! Now that they're gone, though, I can set my mind to creating a daily and weekly routine to help me manage these feelings of isolation and aimlessness, be productive, and (fingers crossed!) keep this period of unemployment short and sweet.

My ideas for daily and weekly routines include:

- Morning coffee
- Exercise
- Shower and have breakfast
- Check my list of job sites
- Write cover letters, apply for positions, make calls, etc.
- Walk the dog
- Clean and pick up around house
- Blog
- Craft / creativity time
- Social interaction

A few times a week:
- Some sort of education, skills development, and/or volunteering component
- Home improvement tasks
- Couponing

What ideas or suggestions do you have for my daily and weekly routines? What daily activities help keep you focused?

What are your favorite websites to help you with some of these activities? One of my favorite crafting sites is Cathie Filian's blog. She has great ideas and products, and she's a wonderful person, to boot. Working with Cathie and her husband Eddie in Los Angeles was one of the highlights of my life!

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