Monday, October 29, 2007

El Oh El - Watch more free videos

When I saw this, I laughed so hard I scared Puck. Who does this exact thing when you scratch his butt juuuuust right.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fuck you, Bush

I've been engrossed with the wildfire situation out in SoCal, mostly because I've spent a good amount of time in the areas where the fires are burning, and because, well, fires are scarier than holy hell.

I came across this quotation in an online news article, and I was instantly furious. "White House deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel said in an e-mail that President Bush called Schwarzenegger to make sure the state is getting the help it needs."

I'm so glad that, when rich white fucks--many of whom refused to evacuate when ordered to do so--are losing their ridiculously expensive houses to a sort of natural disaster, President Bush makes personal phone calls to the governor to make sure the governor's all set. But when it's poor folks on the Gulf Coast, ah, let 'em swim. He'll blame the governor for anything that goes wrong.

Fuck you, Bush. Fuck. You.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cheese and pickles... again.

How does one make a grilled (a.k.a. FRIED) cheese-and-pickle sandwich when one discovers that her bread is moldy?

Why, dredge the pickle slices in a bit of flour and breadcrumbs and fry the crap out of them directly. Top with cheese. Mmmmmm.

Seriously. I am that much of a bachelor that I don't have any non-moldy bread.

Except, do bachelors keep breadcrumbs around?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kid Nation

Also, how disturbing was the opening scene of Kid Nation this week? 10-year olds talking about needing to "party on!" and then doing shots of some clear soda, chugging root beer, doing root beer boilermakers... So disturbing that, for children, the notion of cutting loose and relaxing revolves around the overconsumption of the only mind-altering substance readily and obviously available to them, and in a manner that so closely mimics fuh-realizies binge drinking. Like, I'm all for binge drinking--Lord knows I have done... and do... my share. But, um, can we at least wait until, like, sixteen? Or nineteen?

How do these kids even know what it looks like? I don't know, but it's seriously disturbing. Go watch it.


iTunes is driving me crazy. There's a new version to download every. single. time. I open it--which, admittedly, is not more than once a week, because I don't like the application that much anyway... in fact, I would say I dislike it, but I'm too lazy to research, download, and learn another application and necessary software.

And it takes a long time to download the .exe updater file, and then it takes a long time to install it, and all I even fucking wanted to do was to see if I already had some Styx song. But if I don't get the new version, then I start to worry that there's some vulnerability, and then I start to obsess about how my version will soon be obsolete, and oh man this laptop is getting old, and if it dies I totally won't have the money to replace it, and then where will I be, because I have this DSL contract and I won't even have a computer, and holy Moses, I don't know how to get around without GoogleMaps, and anyway I must have the newest latest iTunes, but wait a minute, I hate iTunes, yes, I do, because updating tags takes so freakin' long and and because the data fields are limited and unwieldy and because somehow my playlists always get erased and because it takes a long time to load and uses a lot of RAM or whatever, and wowza, I really don't know that much about computers and wouldn't it be nice to have a Mac again, and do they even call them Macs anymore or is it just Apple whatevers?, and, well, regardless, I would like to have one except for the whole touchpad clicker thing, you have to actually push the little bar to click on something, and that always irritates me because it's rather inefficient, and there's nothing I like more than efficiency, which is funny because I am possibly one of the least efficient, or shall I say most inefficient, people around but what can you expect, my mother is a German teacher, after all, and if there's one thing German people are, it's efficient, and for FUCK'S SAKE hasn't this updater finished downloading yet?