Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Bedroom With a Toilet But No Window

Good gravy, I'm behind already and it's only the 4th. My mom and grandma have been here for the last couple of days for our belated Christmas celebration, so I've had my hands full with last-minute present-buying, taking mom's car to the shop, wrapping presents, cooking, opening presents, and falling asleep on the couch.

Puck wanted to help wrap presents.

Slippers for everyone!

This is one of the windows in my master bedroom. It was boarded up when I bought the house in April, and the contractor I hired for my bathrooms assured me that he'd order a window for me and install it. I emphasized that I wanted to have a new window in before cold weather hit, because there was an inch of daylight all around the window, and I didn't want to lose all of that heat. My contractor told me he had ordered the window and that it would be in in a couple weeks. Then, a couple months later, he told me that he was getting some quotes for a window. And that was the last I heard. (Needless to say, I would not hire this contractor again... but that is another story for another post.) Then it got cold. (Which is why there are plastic bags stuffed around the window. Nothing but classy solutions for this girl!)

So in mid-November, my mom ordered a window from Lowe's to replace this one. Of course, it's an odd size, so it was a custom-order window. The sales guy came out to the house, measured the opening, and saw the other bedroom window that should match the new window. Mom paid for the window at that time. At the end of November, the installer came and measured the opening, and then he ordered the window. I spent a week after the window came in in mid-December trying to get ahold of the installer--Mom gave the salesperson her cell phone number, and apparently Lowe's can only enter one phone number into their system, so Lowe's would call her and she would call me and everything was getting messed up and even though four people said they put my number into the system, still no one called me. ANYWAY. Fast-forward to today. The installation was scheduled for yesterday, but one of the installers smashed his thumb yesterday and they got off schedule, so they rescheduled for today. The installer shows up, looks at the bedroom, and... tells me that, even though I ordered a double-hung window, the factory sent a window that slides side to side. Sooooo he'll have to have the correct window re-ordered, and we'll have to schedule another installation. Par for the course with this house, but ok, what can I do except wait another month.

About 10 minutes after the installer left, Lowe's Installation Services calls me. The woman is kinda shitty with me and says that the installer just called and said that I wanted a slider window even though I ordered a double-hung so I'd sent him away. I said, no, I ordered and want a double-hung, but the installer said that the factory sent a slider, so it has to be re-ordered. She argues with me and tells me, no, the installed said I want a slider, but my paperwork says that I ordered a double-hung. I get a little testy and say, LISTEN, I haven't seen the window--all I know is what the installer said, and HE said that the window that arrived is a SLIDER, but I ORDERED and WANT a DOUBLE-HUNG. With an attitude like I am jerking her around, she says, well, I'll just have to send the installer back and we'll see what's going on.

Are you fucking kidding me? You're getting shitty with me? You've had two people out to measure and get this window ordered, and you're getting shitty with ME?

I waited 20 minutes without hearing anything, so I called Installed Sales back and spoke to the woman again. This time she was much nicer. Apparently, the installer flip-flopped the measurements when he ordered the window, so the window IS a double hung window... but it's the wrong size. So it could go into the opening but would then open by sliding. So now I'm waiting to hear back from the Installed Sales manager, who is waiting to hear from the installer, who will be responsible for paying for the window and ordering a new one...

So here it is, early January, and I not only have a toilet sitting in my master bedroom but I still have no window! GRUMBLE.

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