Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's been a while. Clearly, I'm neither a Real Blogger nor a person who keeps her New Years' resolutions.

Work continues on the house. This week, I'm really excited to be THISCLOSE to moving into my master bedroom. I have to do a second sealing of the bathroom grout tonight and then I can actually start using it and the bedroom.

Here's a little then-and-now comparison of the bedroom:

There's still work to be done (for instance: an overhead light would be nice) but not so terribly much! I'll be posting more comparison photos soon! Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I basted an egg this morning! I always had a vague idea of what basting means, and I always order my eggs basted, because I like a runny yolk but a cooked white. I finally figured out how to do it at home... and it's ridiculously easy. Here's how it's done:

1. Heat a small fry pan on medium-high heat, and then add a bit of fat. I used bacon fat, which I saved the last time I made bacon, but you can also use butter.

2. Crack an egg into the pan. I included some shell... but that's prolly not the best way to do it.

3. Sprinkle the egg with salt and cracked pepper.

4. Once the white starts to firm up and turn bright, pour in 3 tablespoons of basting liquid. I used water, which is totally fine, but you can also use something more flavorful, like chicken broth.

5. Shake the pan a little to distribute the water, and then clamp a lid over the whole thing. Adding the water to the hot fat will cause the fat to spit like crazy--plus, the water will steam cook the egg.

6. Wait, I don't know, a minute and a half? Two minutes? Take the egg off the heat when it's done how you like it.

7. Eaaaat it.

I made a little breakfast sandwich with the egg and these whole wheat rounds I bought at Costco. And some shredded cheddar. Aaaaand some bacon. Mmm!

Yeaaaahhhh buddy.

For dinner, I used the whole wheat rounds again and made little toaster oven pizzas: pizza sauce, goat cheese (also a Costco purchase), mushrooms, and some chopped-up Kalamata olives I had in my fridge. Before:

After (I added a little more pizza sauce on top between the photos):

Delicious, low-cal dinner that was totally satisfying without making me feel overly full and gross.

Rebel hair

I just pulled a hair out that was gray at the end, brown in the middle, and what at the root. What the?! It just changed its mind?

I hate that I'm getting gray hairs. They're almost too numerous to continue pulling out--I'm going to have to start coloring my hair sometime in the far near future. And... that makes me really sad. I love my natural color (minus the gray), and I want to keep it. I've played around with color many times before, and I've never had anything that I like as much as my natural shade(s).

Some people rock their grays... not me. They look scraggly and unkempt, not distinguished, on me.

Boo aging.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This and that

I'm not doing so great on the whole "I'll blog every day" thing, huh?

I'm still struggling with getting a routine going--which means I'm still struggling with not sleeping in and not watching TV all day... I haven't gotten a war room set up yet, and I think that's a big part of my failures to stay on task. I have all of these bedrooms, and I planned to make one of them into a treadmill/craft room/office, but I realized yesterday that it's in the half of the house that is only 55 degrees, so the likelihood of my spending lots of time back there, doing work, is... nil. The room I'm using as my living room has a big area that's not being used right now, so I'm going to set up my table there so I can be warm (ish--I still only have the heat at 65), be near the dog, have TV on if I want to, and yet still be working. It'll make the living room less homey and cozy, but maybe it'll encourage me to keep the desk neat...

So I have an old, shitty sliding glass door leaning up against my house:

I'm afraid it's going to break in a big storm--plus, it looks so good--so I want to get rid of it, but I don't know what to do with it. I would donate it to Habitat for Humanit, but (a) it really is a shitty door, and (b) I don't have a truck. Any ideas? Craigslist? ???

Thursday, January 5, 2012


On deck for tomorrow: installing a peephole in my front door.

I'm sitting here on my couch, minding my own business, and suddenly, the doorbell rang. Twice. Now, not a single one of my friends would just stop by my house at night and ring the doorbell, and I sure wasn't expecting someone, sooooo WTF. As I was standing up from the couch, slowly, wondering who the EFF was at my door, the person started jiggling the door knob, trying to open the door. That's when I dialed 911 and poised my lil' finger over "dial".

The person rang the bell again, and, since I don't have a peep hole in my front door, I just yelled through the door, "WHO IS IT?"



Turns out that Marcus is a friend of the shady former residents. But he didn't know they haven't lived here in a year and a half?

So yes. Tomorrow, I install a peephole.

Pro tip: keep your doors locked even when you're inside! This is not the first time strangers have tried to get into my house while I'm five feet away inside.

Managing Monotony

It's remarkable how lonely unemployment is. My mom and grandma left about two hours ago, and already I feel depressed and isolated! Now that they're gone, though, I can set my mind to creating a daily and weekly routine to help me manage these feelings of isolation and aimlessness, be productive, and (fingers crossed!) keep this period of unemployment short and sweet.

My ideas for daily and weekly routines include:

- Morning coffee
- Exercise
- Shower and have breakfast
- Check my list of job sites
- Write cover letters, apply for positions, make calls, etc.
- Walk the dog
- Clean and pick up around house
- Blog
- Craft / creativity time
- Social interaction

A few times a week:
- Some sort of education, skills development, and/or volunteering component
- Home improvement tasks
- Couponing

What ideas or suggestions do you have for my daily and weekly routines? What daily activities help keep you focused?

What are your favorite websites to help you with some of these activities? One of my favorite crafting sites is Cathie Filian's blog. She has great ideas and products, and she's a wonderful person, to boot. Working with Cathie and her husband Eddie in Los Angeles was one of the highlights of my life!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pee Hustler

Now that I'm unemployed, I can do all these crazy things during the day... Like schlep my dog's pee to the vet.