Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh good God I'm back again

Ok, here is how my day is going:

- Make a (1) (one) flashcard.

- Check email (both accounts); check Facebook page (if received an email notification); check celebrity gossip website; check Yahoo for new news items; think about posting a new sentence on blog.

- Make a (1) (one) flashcard.

- Eat 7 (seven) cookies.

- Repeat internet ritual.

- Make a (1) (one) flashcard.

- Stare blankly at BarBri book.

- Brainstorm possible non-legal careers which would be lucrative enough to pay student loans; come up with diddly squat.

- Eat another cookie.

- Repeat steps 1- 9.


Sister said...

Of course I can be your sister too :) I think that's part of the deal!

I know you're super stressed about the exam, everyone is. Take a couple deep breaths and know that there are plenty of people who believe in you and no matter the outcome we will all still be proud to know you.

But you're going to kick that test's ass!!

sweet jane said...

I would even settle for kicking its ankles, if that meant I never had to kick it again.

You're fantastic. Thank you for the confidence and for the unconditional pride. :) I need it.