Thursday, July 19, 2007


Panic sorta set in today as I attempted a couple of the state essays and totally bombed them. Apparently I have been sorta kidding myself about how much I still have to learn in the next 3.75 days. Oh my God. 3.75 days.

So I'm at least trying to come up with some amusing, and therefore memorable, acronyms to help my remember certain lists of factors. Sometimes I also have to come up with a related phrase to cement the acronym to the subject--because random acronyms are really not that helpful.

Example: the acronym for a list of the common bases for non-resident submission to personal jurisdiction: M.C. BIIIRDS--homie's flyin' to court!

Guaranteed I will be cracking myself up--and pissing off people like Shusher--all through the essay half-day!


Jen said...

If your assigned seat is next to Shusher, I will pee my pants. Guaranteed.

sweet jane said...

Oh man, I didn't even think about that. Is it not alphabetical? Because that would be sweet. I'd be by, um, I don't know, NOT Shusher.

But maybe being next to her and being able to subtly piss her off would actually make my performance *better*--it would totally relieve stress. HAHAHAHA. Oh man.

That would be awesome.