Saturday, July 7, 2007

Making up for my deficiencies...

I'm still slogging through the simulated MBE answers, going topic by topic, marking the ones I got wrong, and highlighting the reasons why. After I finish doing that for each topic, I add up the total number of questions and then count how many I got wrong.

For the first few topics, the ratios were, erm, BAD. Definitely worse than the overall average of where people who are "on track" should be. The strange thing, though, is that my overall score was higher than that "on track" average. So I wondered, what the hell is going on?

Oh, I see. Apparently I kick crim law's ASS. (I wish Bradley had thought so...)

Dude, I tested at 75% right. That's effing crazy. I don't know JACK about crim law!

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AStevens said...

I think the lesson from the simulation is to study less. Somehow I managed to be awesome on all the subjects (including crim law) which I haven't studied that much and that I did "not so good" on in law school (also including bradley's crim exam).
PS I love the blog- your stories make me laugh (rare as of late)