Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Solid, engineered, or laminate?

(Ignoring the leak issue for the present...)

My plan was to do solid bamboo flooring on as many of the floors as possible. Until I talked to my potential installer last night and remembered I will have a slab home... it's difficult to do non-floating (i.e., solid) wood floors on a concrete floor. Blast.

So now I have to seriously consider engineered flooring or, worse yet, laminate, which I normally hate. I browsed the Lumber Liquidators site for some options, and found some good ones--some of the laminates even look pretty nice! Without having seen them in person, here they are, in approximate order (likingest to least likingest):

1. DUDE. The price is right. And, with the exception of a few bitter people, this flooring is reviewed overwhelmingly positively. I could do all of the areas I was hoping to do AND the "fun room" at this price!!!

2. I have no specific comments yet.

3. This one neither.

4. ::Whistle...::

5. Ahem. I will be editing these.

6. See the reviews for better pictures than the site provides.

7. See the reviews for better pictures than the site provides.

8. I kinda like the color, which obviously is darker than the rest I've chosen, but not so much the wider plank.... Looks fake-y, non?



B.A.G. said...

I seriously think the laminate is a good option. It is so durable, and can really look nice. I actually kinda like the wider plank look, but my tastes take me to a darker wood than what you are looking at. But, that's purely a taste thing. :) It is really hard to tell from the website what some of the differences are and whatnot, I would have to see in person to give you a full opinion. I just need to come down and go everywhere with you. LOL. I really do love this stuff and had such a good time doing my own home, despite the overly lazy ex-husband. ;)

sweet jane said...

Yea, I think I have to focus on laminate, if only because of price. Laminate everywhere would be better than solid bamboo in a few places and that $hitty (literally!) carpet in the rest.

Now that I examine the specs more closely, the inexpensive laminate (#1) is actually wider than the one I said was wider! It's also only half as thick. Sigh. So many decisions! Maybe I need to jazz up my spreadsheet...

I *am* a little worried that the light woods/laminates I'm looking at will be too light. But everything else I see just looks so red... and in my mind's eye, the stuff that I think of as cheap-looking laminate is always darker. I don't know!

I'm planning to visit the teeny showroom this weekend. I wish you could go everywhere with me, too!!

Melissa said...

Hi Jane! I am getting ready to sell my current house and start a similar process too, so I'm enjoying reading your blog.

i really like the wider plank too, more contemporary... but like the lighter color you've been looking at, otherwise going to a darker color, like walnut or similar (but agree that is just my taste).

Jane said...

Thanks, Melissa! Welcome to my teeny tiny blog. And good luck with your home selling & buying process!

The more I look at the pictures, the more the thinner planks seem to be kinda... I don't know... cabin-y? So I think it's good, especially in a (fake) wood like pine, to go wider and avoid the 80s-ish cabin-in-the-woods-get-away feel.

I've thought about doing a darker wood in the living room, where there's a fireplace with darker bricks. Don't know if that would look funny with a light wood hallway running down beside it, or if it would look beautiful. I'm guessing laziness will push me towards a uniform color.... :)

Tampa Limey said...

do not go with Bamboo, it's a nightmare I put it in on one room of my house, not durable, dogs claws scratched it up and it sucks up humidity it has warped i several places. It wasn't until afterward I was advised not to put it done on a concrete floor!