Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moving forward

The leak detection guy came out to the house on Friday to pressure-test the pipes, and he found no leaks. That's good, except... where is the moisture coming from, then? And why was the water meter moving? He said that the packing around the valve at the water main was leaking, so he tightened it, and that could've been what was causing the water meter to run. As for the other questions... he wasn't sure. We talked about a number of possibilities, but there was no real way to tell what's going on, if anything.

I called the inspector back and told him about the leak detection results, and we also hypothesized about what could've caused the high moisture readings in areas if there was no leaking pipe. Again, there's no way to *know*, and the possibilities ranged from weird coincidence (the bank de-winterized the house and left some standing water in an area near some of the staining, which could have occurred from previous, addressed water damage. It's possible that moisture got under the vinyl from the dewinterization, and that's what was causing the high readings) to "ahh the house is a cesspool!"

Then I talked to General Contractor Greg about all of the same things. He said that he looked at the house as if he were buying it for himself to live in, and he saw nothing that would make him hesitate to buy the house. But still, no real idea about whether the moisture problem is indeed a problem or just a weird coincidence.

Then I called Mom to tell her all of this info, totally expecting the usual Negative Nancy analysis about all the reasons the house is a bad idea. Instead, she listened carefully and then said, "Ahh, go for it." I thought she was joking. But she wasn't!

So after some more discussion and thought, I've decided to go forward and get the house. Closing is in five days.


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B.A.G. said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you Jane!